Secure your data against cyberthreats and attacks

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  • Pro security features
  • Free 2 Gb storage
  • No credit card needed
  • Ransomware

    Protection from threats and attacks like NotPetya, WannaCry, etc.

  • Network Threats

    Automatic real-time log scanning allows to prevent 90%+ of all known vulnerabilities

  • Data & Document loss

    Keep hawk-eye on unauthorized intentions with your files

  • Hardware issues

    One click restore if computer breaks down or damaged

Protect your data in a smart invisible way

Spot risk sooner, move forward faster, and always bounce back, all through a single app.

  • 1

    Real-time security monitoring and reporting

    Agents check system and report for any suspicious activity

  • 2

    Automatic back-up to cloud

    Crytical data is backed up to AWS so you can restore it within hours

  • 3

    Built-in top-notch security tools

    Security services are integrated to protect your asset

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Cyber threats like ransomware and crypto viruses are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Encryption enabled ransomware, for instance, uses a malicious software to encrypt files locking users out of their own data. Affected users are presented with two options: either pay ransom with no guarantee or lose their data forever.